Requirements to be a member:

 - Have a sincere love for music

- One collegiate music credit

- Collegiate GPA of 2.5 or greater

Each fall and spring semester a recruitment week is held full of fun events for you to get to know SAI and for the SAI members to get to know you. You also learn a lot about the organization throughout the week. The last night of recruitment week is called "Bid Night." This is when you receive a bid if you are selected to become an MIT or Member-in-Training. 


What if I want to become a member and I can't make it to every Recruitment event?

We do not require you to be at every Recruitment event.  We hope that you will come to all that you can; but we understand if you have class, homework or work. Just let us know what days you can or can not attend!

Where are the Recruitment events held?

With the exception of Rose Tea; most events are held in the Sigma Alpha Iota Suite, located in the basement of Hines. For specified locations, you can ask any SAI member, or on our recruitment flyer! 

What if I missed the Fall Recruitment?

That's okay! We have a Recruitment week in the Spring too. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about membership?

You can contact Ashley Beadle. She is our Vice President of Membership and can answer any other questions you may have!  

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